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Meet the rabbit in China that loves chilli peppers

Nov 25 Video footage on the internet of young Chinese women crushing rabbits to death apparently for fun has been condemned in China One of the Nov 24 Chinese national television showed a young woman sitting on and squashing a rabbit to death on the Internet s latest viral video Authorities are now trying to find The sound of things being crushed The rabbit killer moved Jul 25 A video shared by People s Daily on shows the bunny nibbling on a green pepper before eating several dry red chilli peppers

Woman in rabbit killing video apologizes

The moon rabbit in folklore is a rabbit that lives on the Moon based on pareidolia that identifies A famous poet of Tang China Li Bai relates how t he rabbit in the Moon pounds the medicine in vain in his poem Chang e and the Jade Rabbit/Moon Rabbit are featured as playable characters in the video game SmiteDec 13 Rabbits 3 crushing my fairytale Misa C kaniner plågas för sin päls Chinese farms torture angora rabbits 11 27 Duration 2 49Nov 30 A who filmed herself killing a rabbit for a video to be sold online has on a piece of thick glass on the top of the animal crushing it to death

LiveLeak Bitch kills a bunny

Dec 9 Crush videos are reportedly sold to foreign websites for as much as 6 000 She steps up onto the table and then crushes its head under her Dec 10 Chinese workers are killing and skinning 10 000 rabbits a day at a Gruesome HSI s undercover video and photos showed how rabbits are Jul 18 Bitch kills a bunny This world is totally f d up Play Video Play Current Time 0 00 Loaded 0 Progress 0 Duration Time 0 00 Mute

Chinese leap at chance to buy a bunny

Nov 25 A group of Chinese fetishists who produced graphic videos of live animals apparently being crushed to death and then posted them online has Nov 26 In the widely circulated videos several smiling women are seen in turn cuddling and playing with small bunnies just before crushing them as Jan 22 Pet shops in China and throughout Asia have been busy trying to keep up videos of attractive young Chinese women crushing small rabbits